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The BCE 4ft Air Hockey Table is a great entery level table for anyone thats looking for a cheap fun air hockey table to play on with friends and family. The BCE 4ft Air Hockey Table has some great eye catching graphics of Jets and Sharks, giving a fun vib to the game!


With this low cost affordable air hockey table you can replicate the amusement arcades fun and playfull atmosphere, without breaking the bank!

BCE 4ft Air Hockey Table


The BCE 4ft Air Hockey Table offers loads of fun for all the family and friends at low cost!

BCE 4ft Air Hockey Table Specifications:

  • 240v electric motor
  • Blue Grey MDF Laminated PVC
  • Folding leg system
  • Power puck graphics
  • 2 x pushers
  • 2 x pucks
  • Weight 18.5kg
  • Table dimensions 122 x 61 x 71cm 
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